CSI has been launched in India,  for  measuring and  benchmarking organisations in India on customer satisfaction, within &  across sectors

Hexagon Consulting has introduced the customer satisfaction measurement & diagnostics in collaboration  and partnership with the globally respected American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), using the ACSI customer satisfaction measurement and diagnostics methodology.

  • This unique measurement  framework enables organisations and companies in India to benchmark all aspects of customer experience with industry peers and eventually with best in class companies in other industries(the measures, benchmarks and diagnostics, will help them improve on end customer satisfaction). 
  • Consumers also benefit by getting an objective & independent end customer satisfaction based measure to benchmark organisations & companies.

Indian customer satisfaction measurement index(ICSI) objectively benchmarks organisations, using a science-based, proprietary methodology of American Customer Satisfaction Index ( ACSI), across broad swath(manufacturing and services) of Indian economy, covering both private and public sector organisations.  

ICSI has started with the Indian banking  sector and over time we plan to cover more industries/sectors.

Below and on other tabs in this website, there is more detail about this unique new measure of organisations,for India