Navigating today's challenging times,require innovative, but simple & pragmatic solutions, tempered with actual experience & domain expertise. 

Leverage our  cutting edge of management expertise, built on the extensive industry experience of our senior consultants, together with our global network of associate consultants, for meeting your broad spectrum consultancy needs & professional services support, including  (i) due diligence, third party independent organisational audits  to identify opportunity areas on the "as is" across organisation structure, procedures, standard operating processes(SOP)s, measures, Key Performance Indicators(KPIs), metrics, performance management practices,(ii) process enhancement & documentation, (iii) setting up offshore development?BPO centres(ODC) in Indiaetc.

For executing our work, we also leverage resources from our centers of excellence across all our practice areas and our other group companies, to support our clients including doing specific research & studies, analytics, financial modelling, review of systems, processes to do the diagnostics & provide practical & grounded recommendations for meeting the organisational goals. We are a 100% cloud company(i.e. use cutting edge cloud based tools for all our work), and also support our client's operational improvement, by use of modern agile easy of implement social-mobile-cloud based technology tools.

We operate across industry sectors, enjoy working on risk mitigation & strengthening compliance processes as well. We are particularly strong  in the services sectors, especially  banking, financial services(i.e. BFSI) and in offshoring ITES services from India.

Operations enhancement, Risk & Compliance Management, business due diligence,  objective third part independent assessments & diagnostics for business improvement including CX & productivity improvements are some of our core areas of expertise.

BFSI and offshoring (especially in some important emerging areas like KYC, AML & Core Banking & Lending Operations) & Social Infrastructure such as the education sector are particularly well covered by the experience profile of our consultants.

Driven and passionate with deep domain expertise & successful track records of actually building & operating businesses in volatile environments both in India and multiple countries overseas (in developed and emerging economies), our senior consultants bring innovative state of the art, practical & cutting edge thinking  into the work that we do.

We are committed to the goal of helping organisations succeed and realize their potential. 




SOME OF OUR EXECUTION & consulting STRENGTHS IN allied areas

• enabling Innovation -in today's fast changing world

 Operations & strategy enhancement

• outsourcing/offshoring - setting up ODC in India

Project management

• CX audit and due diligence; customer journey mapping(CJM)

• Investment Climate survey and assessment - India entry


• General management support & restructuring

• Business, System & data analysis

• Financial Management Analysis

• Risk & compliance management

  • KYC, AML - strengthening

  • Centers of Excellence(COEs) set up