Background & Context: 

Hexagon Consulting’s client is one of the top-3 India based BPO & IT players with considerable operational presence globally, including in NA and Europe- and serves clients around the world.

At the time of engagement with us, the client was  aiming to expand their business in the US BFSI market and was seeking support from Hexagon Consulting's team of Banking & Risk & compliance experts to strengthen their own capability to address the needs of their prospective banking sector client in the US.

US bank in question is a regional bank which is planning to outsource several of its business process operations across US, and had invited bids from various BPO players globally for the same, and offered to provide basic information of their core banking operations(including their KYC, AML & related compliance & risk mitigation operations)  to bidders to do their due diligence .

Client engaged Hexagon Consulting to assist in the preparation of the Business proposal. Clients wanted Hexagon Consulting to due diligence on the documentation received from the US Bank, and use  its expertise in the Banking domain and Business Process Outsourcing to identify gap areas to provide thhought leadership inputs that it could take to the senior of the US Regional Bank. Scope also entailed and doing an end to end review which was done by Hexagon Consultancy consultants onsite in US and provide L1 process know how related inputs as well as operational technology expertise for developing its Bid & also participate in the Bid defence discussions with US bank seniors - i.e representing the Client during its meetings with the Bank in the US, held in US. The Bank was looking to outsource its various back-end operations which included Enterprise Security Services, which covered following operations:

·         {C}Know your customer(KYC)

·         {C}Fraud & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Detection

·         {C}Strategic Fraud

·         {C}Strategic Analytic s

·         {C}Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Client Operations

We worked hand in hand with client teams to do complete due diligence of the Us Bank's operations - based on a desk review - and also participated with client team's discussions with Credit & Compliance seniors of the US Bank - at their headquarters in US. Discussions  & our due -diligence inputs were well received and were fruitful and led to client being called for follow through meetings.

Client is an existing 2 decade old IT and BPO player in India – with substantial presence in US and Europe. However, it does not have substantial clients in the Retail and commercial Banking space and considers this project as an important step in its ambition to penetrate this market

Hexagon Consulting, together with its affiliate in the US, Bryant Associates ( based in North Carolina, US worked with our client’s senior executives to provide subject matter expertise on operational process flows and technology tools required for setting up and enhancing the existing operations of the US bank, thereby helping the client to build a detailed and comprehensive business proposal, which was presented to the Bank as a part of the bidding process. 

"the objective of this case study is to provide a very brief outline to illustrate Hexagon Consulting’s expertise in KYC, AML and related customer/credit evaluation and transaction monitoring expertise 

Hexagon Consulting’s Strengths as your consulting partner

Our consultants based at Delhi in India, have deep understanding & experience of the BFSI space in general and practical understanding of risk & compliance management, including KYC & AML - as banking SME practitioners. Togethor with Bryant & Associates we form a very strong team to handle KYC and AML related advise & professional services support on an end to end basis. A relevant & brief experience profile of Mr Bawa Grover and that of Mr Ken Bryant are included-just click on the names above to learn more of their expertise in this space. 


Above case study & brief has been written by Hexagon Consulting’s, Analysts and Consultants, to provide a brief outline some of the work done in this space - i.e BFSI & Risk & compliance management,  More questions - Just click here - and leave your coordinates/questions on our contact page - and we'll be glad to help.