measure, benchmark and enable your organisation surpass global customer experience management (CEM) & service excellence levels, by adopting best in class CSAT measurement, operational practices (& technologies tools), for succeeding & growing in today's fast evolving world - where smooth, friction less  customer experience is critical.

Besides customer journey mapping, we do comprehensive end to end, third party customer satisfaction, experience & loyalty measurement, collate & analyse valuable customer feedback, review your operating framework , so you get an independent "outside in" customer centric "design thinking" view of your operating framework, diagnose opportunity areas & recommend specific improvements( in your operating structure, processes, measures, KPIs & technology solutions) to help you win.  Our solutions, and measurement led diagnostics & improvements are usually cross functional & sector agnostic, covering all customer contact channels, including digital.


  • satisfaction measurement (B2B and B2C), benchmarking, leveraging inter alia the Csat measurement framework from American Customer Satisfaction Index(ACSI) Michigan, US

  • develop & implement B2B & B2C  voice of client & csat programs & customer feedback surveys 

  • customer experience & service enhancement

  • develop & implement mystery shopping programs 

  • creating a customer centric culture that works

  • benchmark, implement & global certification on  TISSE 2012 CSAT standard  from The International Customer  Services Institute, UK & Dubai(TICSI)

  • customer attrition reduction


  • customer journey mapping; implementing design thinking

  • organization & operations re-design, enhancement for CX

  • performance improvement, metrics, processes & measures.

  • analyse & interpret customer feedback data to generate actionable insights & diagnostics, to help you win, grow & improve products & processes across all channels(including digital) & all stages of customer experience journey.

  • customer service training

  • Digital customer engagement, fulfillment, support & service

The International Customer Service Institute,UK, Dubai & SINGAPORE(ticsi)

Hexagon Consulting's customer service excellence & customer experience management practice leverages a globally accredited bench-marking/certification framework TISSE 2012 from the International Customer Services Institute, UK, DUBAI & SINGAPORE (TICSI).  

TISSE helps organisations develop and enhance its capability to delight customers consistently - a lead indicator for any organisation's success today!

TISSE 2012

The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE2012) is the rebranded and updated version of TICSS2010. It remains the most comprehensive global standard specific for service excellence.

5Ps Model

TISSE 2012 promotes a flexible yet measurable customer focused approach based on this 5Ps Service Quality Model to implementing all the elements that make up the delivery of excellent customer service.

  Online Site   Assessment

The Online Site Assessment against the full TISSE2012 Standard enables organisations to easily review their overall customer service performance levels and identify areas for improvement.

TICSI Academy

This is a unique and internationally accredited suite of customer service focused e-learning programmes. The user-centric courses are free and delivered through a range of multimedia channels.

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