Centers of Excellence (COEs)

Hexagon Consulting has recently, as a part of a consulting engagement, successfully implemented Centers of Excellence (COE) with one of our India based large IT-BPM client.

What is COECenters of Excellence (COEs) helps achieving Operational & Business Excellence by establishing frameworks for “Best Practices” & move towards “Next Practices” in delivery & development of product/service and the positive impact it has on the overall business growth.

Client Profile: Reputed Indian IT-BPM player with 11000+ FTE operating out of 18 locations in India and handling around 100 client processes, both international (US, UK & Australia) & domestic.

Setting up COEs:

  • Hexagon Consulting conducted a COE workshop for the entire leadership team to get everyone on board on the COEs concept, which was well received by the team and much appreciated by their COO.

  • Initially 3 areas were identified to build COEs and their respective vertical heads were actively involved with the Quality department in appointment of COE teams from their vertical.

  • Under the guidance of Hexagon team, after various rounds of enhancements, COE team developed the COE framework covering all six essential parameters across five maturity levels.

  • It took approx.  3-6 months for the team to come up with the final detailed COE framework

  • The framework was then approved by the Vertical Head & Quality Department

  • Clients were engaged to get their feedback on the framework and to showcase the domain expertise

  • Operating teams were briefed on the COE frameworks and its desired goals to get them aligned on the common goals

  • Quality team conducted an independent audit to give a fair rating

  • Operating unit was found to be at Level 1

  • A detailed roadmap was laid out with deadlines & milestones to achieve Level 2 and subsequent to the higher levels

Benefits of COEs:

  • Team was able to cut down the monthly cost by 5% from Quality Net Savings (QNS) projects

  • CSAT index was improved to 85% plus

  • Team trained 50 employees in three months to push Kaizen & similar Quality practices

  • Set up ideation framework engaging 10% of the workforce from that cluster to promote new ideas and

  • COEs helped the process to evaluate & upgrade to new innovative technology for its current process

  • Process started internal benchmarking against similar processes with-in the organization and started a culture of sharing best practices for process improvement

  • Initiated two Black belt projects for process improvement and cost cutting

  • COEs helped the client to strengthen its Risk & Compliance framework

  • Shared the results with the client in quarterly reviews and demonstrated the thought leadership with deep domain expertise  

Setting up Centers of Excellence (COE) integrates operating siloes in organizations’ and also helps organizations’ driving customer centricity, quality & innovation – so important in today's dynamic and volatile environment.

Reach us at today if you are interested in learning how to establish Centre's of Excellence in your organisation. Not just large organizations but even SMB players can benefit tremendously from COEs.