IVRs continue to be a pain ; customers want to talk to a human...

Bet, you too have experienced the frustration of navigating through the IVR on your phone ; and these days they have often introduced a verification OTP step also…which is one more frustrating step although sometimes if I have pen and paper handy it can be easier to navigate the multiple screens on cell phone.

whats an IVR - its what makes our begenning of a call to an organisation usually difficult…unless you enjoy going through…press 1 for language…press “y” for ….etc, etc… the full form is Interactive Voice response(IVR), a device installed in most call centres

yes Digital & online is desired by customers - for the very basic stuff…but for anything a bit tricky - they do want to talk to a human being .

Research seems to corroborate this ….and yet its such a pain to reach a phone rep in most organisations. cost cutting is important - but so is CSAT - right ? How do we optimise this balance is I guess the key and doing customer journey mapping (CJM) to identify which tough and pain points need human engagement is perhaps going to be key in this AI and increasingly automated world .

What do you think ?

This piece is deliberately short to seek your inputs ….

Please, please…kindly do let us know what you think of your IVR experience ..

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