Just too many organizations seem to be pushing for sales - especially in  segments where the economy/growth is slowing.

Outbound sales calls seem to be increasing. unsolicited calls - from sales folks trying to push seem to be coming more frequently..

In all these calls the sales representatives seem to be pretty intent on pushing their products/services… seldom is there any attempt to understand if I have a different need or need for a similar but different product/service or  to even use the call to obtain an understanding of the customer’s needs or obtain feedback to understand more about the customer

 I’m being besieged by so many banks & BFSI organisations, offering pre approved personal loans and more credit cards that I don’t really need…its as if the financial services sector is desperate to sell… and they call at all hours…don’t check if I’m free to talk or interested….and just parrot away their sales pitch !

 Its just sales….sales….sales….so very focused on selling sometimes..

 And virtually  “no” listening….no soliciting or seeking feedback with responsibility to improve the product /service…

 “ The Customer’s perception is your reality.” - by KATE ZABRISKE is interesting quote to reflect on - and yet there is virtually so little of listening and soliciting feedback from customers ?

 Globally delivery of very high Customer satisfaction is a rage with most organisations….such a rage that our collaborator the ACSI, Michigan in the US also runs a fund for the US market, which exclusively invests in listed companies who score the highest in customer satisfaction.

 In the emerging economies like India, which while growing well, is still lagging behind somewhat in terms of realising the importance that organisations are giving to end customer satisfaction measurement, bench-marking & improvement.

 More recently over several months we are seeing significant interest in the India market in customer satisfaction - and our Customer journey mapping (CJM) methodology and design thinking approach is begening to resonate with clients.   

 So if you’re feeling similarly or if you’re feeling delighted with customer satisfaction trend lines and not feeling that its Is this only about improving Sales  and not  improving “customer satisfaction “ please do provide your feedback - and we’ll probably try and reach you seperately  

  What do you think ?

 Looking forward to hearing from you…

 - Team, Hexagon Consulting